Greetings and welcome to the website of Dr. Patrick Smith Veterinary Housecalls.
I am a mobile housecall veterinarian operating out of Squaw Valley, California. Call me with any questions or make an appointment at (559)447-9644 and "Let the Vet Come to You". 
Spring has sprung.   This transitional time of warm days and cool nights challenges the immune system of our animals as it does us.  Ear infections, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and skin infections occur at such times as these.   Call and make an apointment for an exam at the first sign of trouble.
It's brush, comb, and clip time.   Warm weather is coming and then it's going to get hot.  Help your animals beat the heat with a brush comb and bath.  They are going to need shade, and fresh water.  Misters and evaporitive coolers help provide a cool place.  You may want to consider clipping long coated dogs and cats to avoid the foxtails, weed seeds that gather in the coat and can irritate and damage the skin.  Be on the lookout for "hotspots" in the skin.
The warmer weather is going to bring out the bugs such as fleas and ticks.  Trifexis (Elanco) year round parasite prevention  is an oral chewable that kills fleas and intestinal parasites and prevents heartworm.  Comfortis i(Elanco) s a once monthly oral chewable flea killer.  Advantage/Advantix (Bayer), Frontline (Meriel), and Revolution (Pfizer) are all tried and true topicals for fleas and ticks..  Capstar (Novartis) has the quickest kill of any of the flea prevention products.  PREVENTIC Tick collar(Virbac) is excellent for killing tickse and preventing tick infestation and lasts 3 months  Adams and Vet-kem have good old fashioned sprays and powders.
The spring rains will bring forth mosquito's the carriers of West Nile Virus disease and the other encephalomyelitis diseases in horses and Heartworm disease in dogs.   Make sure the horses are protected with West Nile Virus vaccination.  Test for heart worm disease in dogs. and make sure they are protected with monthly heart worm prevention.   
Salt blocks containing both copper and selenium are important for all livestock.  Our soil is deficient in these essential minerals.  Deficiency of these minerals results in poor reproduction, stillbirths, unthriftiness. Livestock lose salt and minerals in their sweat, urine and manure constantly.  Salt and minerals are important to their health, growth and vitality.  Make sure they always have salt in some form available.
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