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Dr. Patrick Smith Veterinary Housecalls
Mobile housecall veterinarian operating out of Fresno, California. Call, text (559)447-9644 or email make an appointment and "Let the Vet Come to You". 
Fee schedule:  House Call $90  Exam/Consultation: $60  Phone consultation: $30  Vaccinations $15-$25 (depending on vaccine) Laboratory services $45 to $190 (depending on lab work) Dental $75 to $150 Ultrasound $90 EKG $90 Euthanasia $50 Remains $75 (Does not include cremation fees)  Cremations performed by Fresno Pet Cemetary.(559)266-6753
Salt blocks containing both copper and selenium are important for all livestock.  Our soil is deficient in these essential minerals.  Deficiency of these minerals results in poor reproduction, stillbirths, unthriftiness. Livestock lose salt and minerals in their sweat, urine and manure constantly.  Salt and minerals are important to their health, growth and vitality.  Make sure they always have salt in some form available.
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